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Thank you so much, everyone who read and responded so openly to the last post. I wish I could send a book to every single person. I hope people will take the time to go back to it and read the comments. Maybe they will remind you, as they did me, that often we have no idea what others we meet have survived–or are going through, even when we meet them casually in the grocery store or post office and say, “How are you?” and they toss back, “I’m fine, thanks.” People have so much courage we don’t know about, don’t they? These are the people I like to write about in my novels, the ones somehow mustering the strength to go on, to make life work. I have emailed Lois Becker, Kathleen Peterson and Leigh Nichols, and each will receive an inscribed copy of The Testament of Harold’s Wife. More giveaways will come. Thank you so much, again, for your honest sharing. I’ve responded to every comment in the last post, as I always do.

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  1. Yes Lynne, as we ask that person how they are we should be reminded that many have so many problems more than you do and still manage to smile and say fine!Kind of reminds me on volunteering in an OB ward in High School and being warned that not all moms of new babies are happy. Some have delivered still born babies so we were instructed to be aware of each individual.

    • That’s such a good example, Barb. Thank you for pointing out how important it is to pay attention to each person as an individual, really listen, and pick up on small cues when when have an opportunity to be supportive.

  2. Lynne, I am one of those people who ask people that I meet how they are and I try to listen and encourage them. I am also the person who responds “I’m fine” when perhaps I’m not. I absolutely agree that none of us truly know what others are dealing with but we all can show kindness so and compassion.
    God bless!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Connie. I’m probably much the same about saying “I’m fine,” and probably many of us are. Maybe we think others really don’t particularly care, or even if they care they don’t have time for an honest answer. I so agree with you that we can at least cut each other a lot more slack, be more patient generally and try to make kindness our first response.

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