Love Is A Crazy Thing

I swear, it’s not our fault. We actually lasted five weeks without a dog. Meanwhile, I admit I did notice that, dogless, the house remained clean longer than fifteen minutes after being vacuumed and a leaf could blow across the front lawn without our being... read more

The Last Day

What do you do when you know for sure it’s the last day? Some of it, for sure, is what you’ve been doing for months. At five in the morning, you hope the dog you’ve nursed those months hasn’t soiled the bed and that you can get him out in time. This morning happened... read more

A Little About A Lot

Hello friends–I’m wondering if you’ve had times when you’ve felt overwhelmed by commitments to which you’ve blithely said, “Sure, I’ll do that,”  and then, seeing a list of what you’re taken on–and... read more

The Language of Kin: A Preview

When I was a new teenager with caring but clueless parents, I used to ride my bike to crazy places on Connecticut’s hilly back roads. Older boys reckless with their shiny drivers licenses, considered those narrow roads their personal racetracks, small wildlife be... read more

A Strange Lead Into A New Subject

It all started Thanksgiving week. My husband, Alan, was still in California where he’d gone to be with members of his immediate family during a death and stayed afterward to help out. Here at home things were within shouting distance of normal. One afternoon I... read more

It’s Right There…Somewhere

Finally. A purely ridiculous event to share with you. If you happen to follow my posts on Instagram, you know that I was away for a month in my beloved  Provincetown–the very outermost tip of Cape Cod, home to artists, writers, fishing fleets, and lovers of wild... read more

Carrying Out Trash and Good Stuff. Plus A Giveaway

Well, you sure can’t say I haven’t kept my word about not clogging your inbox, can you? Unless you’ve seen my occasional posts on Instagram and/or Facebook, or maybe better, followed me on Book Bub for the book reviews I post, in the unlikely chance it even crossed... read more

A Covid Book Launch

It’s that time. This Tuesday, August 25, is publication day for The Book of CarolSue and I will enter the horrifying world of covid-era book launch, which means that all “events” are online. Like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else I’ve forgotten I’m... read more

Another Opening–and A Giveaway

Do you remember that song, “Another Opening, Another Show”? One stanzas goes, “You cross your fingers and hold your heart. It’s curtain time and away we go…” I can’t cross my fingers (makes typing impossible), but I do hold my... read more

Looking Back and Ahead

I think most people have probably had a year here or there that was just really rough. 2019 has been that way for my family. My husband had prostate cancer (successfully treated, I’m thankful to say), quickly followed by a hip replacement, then his opposite knee... read more

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