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Unfinished Stories

Nancy’s husband sent a picture two days before she died. In that one, she wore a white sleeveless nightgown. Her grown sons leaned over either side of her, a hospice tray with a cup of applesauce in the foreground. She was sleeping. Perhaps she’d slipped into the mercy of a coma. Nancy Johnson Pinard was… Continue Reading

On Control

I love control.  If everyone—including my dog—would only do what I tell them, it would put the fun back in dysfunctional and (my) life would go so much more smoothly.  Let’s include objects too, so my computer would stop being a butthead.  Ditto my iphone 5s, and Siri, who clearly has a learning problem.  Oh, it… Continue Reading

Men Are Hilarious

My 97 year old father-in-law has always said, “One boy is one boy but two boys are half a boy.”  He doubtless developed this theory because he had two sons 18 months apart.  After five years of that fiasco, he and his wife must have been desperate to improve the balance of civilizing forces (add a girl) because they tried again.  Apparently, they wisely… Continue Reading

Do The Right Thing Even If You Look Like An Idiot

Have you ever tried to do what you were pretty sure was the right thing only to have it explode?  Even have two other seemingly sane and intelligent people tell you yes, you should do it before you went ahead and did that thing that exploded? So here’s the story.  It was Saturday’s chilly dusk and I was driving home.  I’d reached my own quiet… Continue Reading

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