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Buy From Bricks And Mortar Bookstores…Please!

Do you order your books from Amazon?  I often do.  The independent bookshop in my small town closed long ago, and the university bookstore here focuses on student needs and best sellers.  Amazon is less expensive.  It’s convenient.  Reviews are posted, and sometimes they’re very well-done.  But on Amazon, I can’t browse the shelves, pull… Continue Reading

“Make It Mean Something”

The sky and air felt charged this week when I walked Hannah and Maggie, the chocolate Labs.  The moon was already up while the sun hung low and cool in a fading denim sky.  Too early for twilight!  The scent of crushed leaves was strong as the dogs hunted in the dry amber mounds out on the trail. … Continue Reading

Book Banning: Seriously?

An article on the front page of USA Today caught my husband’s eye while he was standing in line to pay for coffee last week.  Apparently he made a spectacle of himself because he laughed so uncontrollably that he spit the coffee all over himself and the person in front of him.  Practically got himself… Continue Reading

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