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A Love Story

I have spent all morning lying in the sunshine on the floor with Hannah the Lab, knowing it’s our last morning together.  She can’t get to her feet by herself anymore.  It came on fairly suddenly last week, this final diminishment.  My husband and I can see that it’s confusing and upsetting her to be lifted to… Continue Reading

What Happens To Them?

Lately I have sounded a lot like my father in his last years, when he was in his nineties.  I breathe heavily when I move. Rising from a chair requires grunting with exertion.  Then there’ll be a series of thuds as I grab the handles of a walker and bump my way around corners or… Continue Reading

Writing About The Elderly

Hannah, my chocolate Lab, a main character in Where The Trail Grows Faint, will be thirteen next month.  Our forays into the woods have changed, although she still shows me that she wants to go by following me to the door in the late afternoon when I get up from working to head out for a walk.  She waits… Continue Reading

From The Mailbox

Last week a note from a Massachusetts reader appeared in my inbox regarding my book, Where The Trail Grows Faint.  The book, published in 2005 by the University of Nebraska Press, is creative non-fiction about working with my chocolate Labrador retriever, Hannah, in a nursing home.  It weaves three story strands into a braid:  Hannah and… Continue Reading

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