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Write What You Don’t Know

Everyone’s heard the line, “Write about what you know.”  If I only wrote about what I know, I’d have run dry years ago.  It’s learning a subject that I’ve stumbled on and become fascinated with, and discovering how it fits with a story idea in my head that keeps me at it.  So my obsession with Diana’s chickens is surely leading… Continue Reading

Back To Details: Naming The Wilderness

One thing I’ve learned is that most of us are passionate about a couple of things and how much those interests emerge as defining parts of our identities.  I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with being able to identify, for example, the wildflowers that right now have turned the forest floor into… Continue Reading

Blame The Weather

To those readers in winter-affected areas:  is the weather making everything feel like extra work to you?  It is to me.  Just getting dressed is a shivering labor involving long underwear under my jeans, a fleece over my shirt, wool socks as thick as my thumb. Preparing to actually leave the house, say to walk Hannah? … Continue Reading

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