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Sometimes I remind myself of the Don Quixote of our yard.  He’s a lunatic robin doing valiant battle through this long and glorious spring.  I can’t believe he hasn’t killed himself yet.  When morning is only a soft charcoal suggestion, he begins flying into the first window in which his reflection becomes visible, fighting off a ubiquitous rival in his territory.  He keeps at it,… Continue Reading

Mercy (an excerpt from a novel-in-progress)

I hope the deer was the last thing Cory saw, not the pickup truck careening toward him, and I hope his eyes were wide and soft with pleasure.  We’re here to teach our children and grandchildren, I know that.  But sometimes we see things through their eyes and everything changes. Every November for ten days… Continue Reading

The Mystery of Metaphor

                        “To a poet nothing can be lost.”  Samuel Johnson Something happened a few days ago that got me thinking about depicting emotion when I write, and how often I find my way to it through metaphor.  Winter had reasserted itself, so Hannah’s forest hike was on icy sloggy mud that sucked at boots and… Continue Reading

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