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My Facebook Wedding

I must have gotten engaged without realizing it.  All I know is this:  my sister called and said I’d posted something on Facebook about how another author’s book was an overnight best seller with no marketing effort.  She wanted to know why my publisher doesn’t use this obviously brilliant system for A Matter of Mercy. “I… Continue Reading

Breaking Bad

Television is evil.  It is obviously ruining The Perfect Dog. This is all our kids’ fault.  They insisted that my husband and I are completely out of it (new evidence of their favorite point!) when they belatedly discovered that we’d never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad.  The final astounding, culture-changing episode had aired, and we both shrugged and said… Continue Reading

A Perfect Dog

Meet Scout. We just adopted him. Yes, I know: “That’s not a very original name.” My daughter already told me. But Atticus seemed a bit of a mouthful, Calpurnia was out of the question, and Jem sounds like “Gem,” and I didn’t want to be accused–again–of implying that we have the perfect dog. Although he might… Continue Reading

(Not) Working

I haven’t done a blog post in a long time, and a few people have been kind to mention that they’ve missed them.  It’s not that I’ve forgotten.  Life has interfered with my getting much work done.  During late summer we had some minor (ha!) renovations done to our house.  The decision to start renovations… Continue Reading

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